One of the great joys of staying in Ban Suriya is the dedicated, highly trained staff. This friendly team ensures that guests have everything they want, and never have to lift a finger. Thais have a worldwide reputation for their welcoming character and attentive service. But the level of staff presence is entirely up to you. Would you prefer staff to be around at mealtimes only? Or would you like them to be on hand to serve cold drinks and snacks throughout the day? Just let your Villa Manager know how much attention you are comfortable with.

Ban Suriya - Dedicated staff
Ban Suriya - Exceptional staff
Villa Manager

Ban Suriya’s Villa Manager, Tik, is your main point of contact with staff. Her job is to oversee and coordinate the staff and property and to assist you during your stay.


The villa’s chef excels in the preparation of Thai, Asian and western favourites. He will suggest dishes from the villa’s wide menu, or can prepare special dishes on request, also taking care of health and dietary requirements.


Ban Suriya’s housekeepers keep the villa spotless and tidy. They also help in the kitchen and with serving meals and drinks. One of them is also popular with families as a nanny.


The villa has gardeners to look after the lush garden and the pool.

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